Francesco Scaglione
Writer, Game designer, Programmer

He lives to tell the tale and rumors say that he has a dark past in advertising but don't hold that against him. He's greatly passionate about point&click adventure games which he considers being the perfect fusion of deep narrative and interaction. Hence his decision to prove himself venturing for the very first time in the video game industry. As a storyteller, he puts a lot of effort to achieve a writing style as flowing as possible without ever sacrificing elegance and, most importantly, without surrendering to useless prolixity.

Francesca Doria

For many years Francesca has been a self-taught artist until she wasn't anymore. Everything changed when, in her 20's, she decided to enroll in the Academy of Fine Arts. Besides the Renaissance Masters, she's inspired by almost everything, from western comics to manga, animated movies, cartoons and, obviously, games.Painting, drawing, engraving, sketching, drinking, sleeping, she's a Jack of all trades... And maybe she'll become a master of some.

Alessandro Chifari

I've always been characterized by a pronounced artistry. Mainly self-thought. Inebriated by colors and bewitched by ink, forever entranced by traditional arts. Inspired by the Old Masters' paintings, I adapt my classical style to the digital medium, always trying to keep my academic traits present in every piece I paint.

Marek Sollami

Soundtrack composer for theater and short films, Theater and short films soundtrack composer, now I can say videogames as well! Truth be told I'm a guy that wants to express himself through music, in fact besides composing musical scores, I'm also the bassist of the death metal group Devoid of Thought.Written like that I come off as bipolar but trust me, cats love me.